How To Protect Luxury Atlanta Apartments From Burglars!

Talk to your landlord about installing new locks.Your luxury Atlanta apartments are situated in an ideal neighborhood, so it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever be targeted by burglars – right? The fact is you couldn’t be more wrong! Burglars don’t discriminate, and oftentimes, they choose high end neighborhoods because they know for a fact that such areas have luxury items that they can steal. Regardless of how good you think your apartment complex’s security is, there are certain steps that you can take in order to ensure your apartment never catches the eye of a burglar.

When you first move into your apartment your landlord will probably tell you that your lock has been changed. What landlords often neglect to mention is the locks are often recycled between properties, therefore, your lock is hardly new. You’ll want to take an extra step towards security by talking to your landlord about having your lock completely exchanged with a new one. They may let you do that or for an additional fee, their maintenance team may be willing to installing your lock.

*Always check your windows before leaving home.

The number one way that burglars tend to enter properties, regardless of how nice they are, is through the windows. Before you leave for work or for anywhere for that matter, make sure that you close the windows in your apartment — especially if you live in a ground-floor unit. Most windows already contain a locking feature, but if you want to play it safe in luxury Atlanta apartments, make sure you install an inside bar lock as well as a pole for any sliding doors you may have.

*Use a chain lock for your door.

A chain lock may not completely eliminate the fact that someone can force their way into your apartment, but it can certainly make it harder for an unwanted individual to enter your unit. Chain locks are not only highly affordable and easy to install, but they can prevent someone from entering without notice. It’s also a great way to ensure your protection when opening your door to strangers part way.

You may live in the most desirable neighborhood in that ZIP Code, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that burglars will never target your home. Instead of waiting for the last-minute for a burglar to strike, you can make your apartment safe by following the additional security tips highlighted above.